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Rothys vs Everlane Shoes Review – Must Read This Before Buying


Rothys vs Everlane Shoes Review

Table of Contents

Rothys vs Everlane: Brand Showdown 

Rothys vs Everlane Shoes Review

Buying shoes online is a tricky business. Of course, you want to be sure of sizing to ensure the perfect fit. On top of that, you want to look at things like quality, price, and comparable brands. It’s easy to fall down a rabbit hole trying to figure out which brand deserves your hard-earned coins, and there isn’t even a tea party afterwards. This Rothys vs Everlane shoes review will pit each brand against the other for your education and amusement. Firstly, here are some good general tips for buying shoes online:

  1. Choose a reputable brand
  2. Check the return policy
  3. Look at the pictures—the more angles they have, the better
  4. Check out the materials
  5. Consider the colors and patterns
  6. Choose the size that fits your biggest foot
  7. Try them as soon as you get them

Rothys is an innovative California-based shoe brand offering sustainable footwear in a variety of profiles and patterns. Taking “reduce, reuse, recycle” to heart, they turn discarded plastic water bottles into fashion-forward footwear. Their range includes flats, sneakers, and even a low-cut Chelsea-style casual shoe.

Rothys vs Everlane Shoes Review

Everlane is another California brand focused on offering top-quality wardrobe essentials that are ethically made. They keep their pricing practises ultra-transparent so you know exactly what it is you’re paying for. Everlane’s shoe collections are meant to marry comfort and classic style.

In this Rothys vs Everlane shoes review, we’ll put them in the ring to see who comes out on top. Two brands enter; one brand leaves.


The first round in this Rothys vs Everlane shoes review covers sneakers. Sneakers are the quintessential everyday shoes. Whether you want to wear them to the mall, a meeting, or just to the mailbox, they’re practical, fashionable, and best of all, comfortable. What’s not to love? Round one in this Rothys vs Everlane shoes review will look at the comparable sneaker offerings of both brands.

Rothys Sneakers

Rothys vs Everlane Shoes Review
Rothys Sneaker

Rothys sneakers are made of their proprietary thread comprised of recycled water bottles. Other sustainable, eco-friendly materials include strobel boards made of bio-based algae. They’re washable! Well, mostly. All you need to do is remove the insoles and midsoles, throw the insoles and shoes in the washing machine, and then let them air-dry.

Rothys sneakers are available in everyone’s favourite slip-on style. They also come in a wide range of colors from brights to neutrals, as well as fun patterns like leopard print and camo. Their look is more elevated than slip-ons you typically see from notable streetwear brands, and can easily be dressed up with the right outfit for work.

Everlane Sneakers

Rothys vs Everlane Shoes Review
Everlane Trainer

The Everlane sneaker is made of leather upper with the lining, laces, and soles comprised of recycled materials. The leather comes from a gold-certified tannery, which significantly reduces water and electricity usage and cuts CO₂ emissions. The soles are made of natural and recycled rubber, while the lining and laces are made of recycled plastic bottles.

In terms of features, this is your basic lace-up sneaker. It’s got a good tread on the bottom that will give you a better grip on smoother surfaces with a thick sole for cushioning and comfort.The Everlane sneaker is very much of the Normcore aesthetic, featuring a modern take on the dad sneaker of yesteryear. This adds a touch of classic cool and can be paired with any number of your favorite casual looks.

WINNER: Rothys

Both of these brands offer quality sneakers, but only one can come out on top. Rothys and Everlane both score points for sustainability practices, but that’s not all we’re looking at here. This round goes to Rothys. With their sneaker available in more colours and patterns in addition to being washable, it’s simply the more wearable option. 

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Who doesn’t love a classic, comfortable loafer? It’s a chic casual shoe that can be dressed up or down. From day to night, loafers offer a trendy take on a range of looks. So let’s see how each brand’s loafers win out in the Rothys vs Everlane shoes review round two.

Rothys Loafers

Rothys vs Everlane Shoes Review
Rothys Loafer

Like their sneakers, the uppers of Rothys loafers are made from their unique post-consumer fabric. These loafers are washable. Simply remove the insoles and throw them in a cold water delicate wash cycle. Air drying is recommended. Rothys also promises a zero break-in period with these shoes.

Rothys loafers follow a familiar, timeless aesthetic. The profile of these shoes is very simple. They can easily be dressed up or down for work, brunch, or running errands.

Everlane Loafers

Rothys vs Everlane Shoes Review
Everlane Day Loafer

Everlane loafers are made of 100% Italian leather. Soft and fairly flexible, this leather will stretch a bit with wear. The site and users recommend going half a size up in order to get the best fit. These loafers feature a cushioned sole, which makes wearing them all day long no big deal. The elasticized back will keep them snug and comfortable on your heels. These shoes are designed for several hours’ wear. 

For the purpose of this Rothys vs Everlane shoes review, let’s choose just one of the loafer styles Everlane offers. The Day Loafer boasts a simple, clean design with luxe-looking leather that will take on its own unique patina over time. These loafers are easy to dress up or down, and come in a variety of bold and neutral colors.

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Everlane also offers six other loafer styles:

  • The Modern Loafer
  • The Boss Flat
  • The Modern Loafer Mule
  • The Boss Mule
  • The Modern Point
  • The Modern Penny Loafer

WINNER: Everlane

This was a close one. Rothys and Everlane both score sustainability points with their loafers, as both companies are committed to ethically producing well-made shoes. The option to wash your Rothys loafers is a plus, and they’re available in a nice range of colours and patterns.

With all that said, it really came down to style options and material. When you think of loafers, the look that instantly comes to mind is the classic leather shoe. If you take care of them well, they can last for years, which puts them on equal footing with Rothys for longevity. In addition, Everlane offers a total of seven loafer styles, while Rothys only offers one. This round of the Rothys vs Everlane shoes review goes to Everlane. 

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Flats are a wardrobe staple nearly all year long. They’re a simple shoe that is easy to dress with, giving a simple feminine look that isn’t fussy or complicated. Let’s have a look at comparable flats for our Rothys vs shoes Everlane review, round three.

Rothys Flats

Rothys vs Everlane Shoes Review
Rothys Point

Flats by Rothys are made of their special post-consumer material, as with their sneakers and loafers. In addition to being easy to wear, these flats are also easy to wash. As with other Rothys shoes, you just have to remove the insoles and chuck them in the wash on the delicates setting. Remember to use cold water and then air dry.

The profile of these Rothys flats is flattering for anyone. The pointed toe gives the feet a slim look, while making the style appear a bit more grown up. They’re available in a range of colours and patterns to suit any style profile.

Everlane Flats

Rothys vs Everlane Shoes Review
Everlane 40-Hour Flat

Everlane’s 40-hour Flat is made of 100% Italian leather, as with their range of loafers. The flexible outsole is made of rubber. These flats feature a cushioned insole for all-day comfort. The flexible outsole means less discomfort when walking or breaking the shoes in. The discreet pull tab at the heel makes slipping these shoes on a breeze.

The smooth leather and elegant pointed toe make these flats a great option for business or pleasure. Wear them from the beginning of your commute to the end of cocktail hour and they will look great with whatever you choose to wear. 

WINNER: Everlane

Round three goes to Everlane with a more versatile flat. While Rothys flats can take you from workdays to weekends, the look of the material makes them an unlikely choice for more formal events. If you’re not a person who enjoys high heels, you can easily switch them out for a pair of leather flats. 

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Next up in this Rothys vs Everlane shoes review, we’ll take a look at quality. It can be hard to judge without being able to turn the shoes over in your hands or try them on, though. For more insight, we’ll look at what the brand says about the materials they use and their manufacturing processes. 


Rothys vs Everlane Shoes Review

Rothys shoes are produced in a factory that is fully owned and operated by the company. This allows them to not only implement all of their sustainability practices, but also to control and maintain high levels of quality in all the merchandise that leaves the factory. Their durable, signature thread is made from recycled water bottles and blended with responsibly sourced merino wool. So no adorable Australian sheep are harmed just to make shoes. The insoles are soft and cushiony while being durable enough to survive walking and washing. This goes for the outer fabric as well, which can be thrown in the wash with the insoles and still look great after air drying.


Rothys vs Everlane Shoes Review

Everlane produces high-quality footwear with 100% Italian leather or full-grain leather from a gold-certified tannery. Both options are used and produced with sustainability in mind. Their shoes are designed for all-day comfort in a range of styles. You enjoy a bouncy cushioned insole and flexible outsole, both designed to last. Everlane works with ethical factories across the world, from China and Vietnam to Italy, the United States, and more.

WINNER: Everlane

Rothys and Everlane share a number of things in common when it comes to their shoes:

  • Sustainability
  • Built-in comfort
  • Ethical manufacturing
  • High-quality materials

While Rothys’ proprietary fabric is certainly high-quality and durable enough to survive the washing machine, the look and feel simply can’t beat genuine leather. That was really the tipping point here. Both brands feature responsibly sourced materials and manufacturing practices, which generally results in higher quality products. It was close for sure, so Everlane takes this one by a hair. 

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Customer Ratings 

Customer reviews for Rothys and Everlane are overwhelmingly positive, with four and five-star reviews featuring heavily on their respective websites. Reviews are a great way to put a brand into perspective, and it never hurts to be thorough. On to round five of the Rothys vs Everlane shoes review, where we look at what customers are saying about the two brands. 

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Rothys Customer Reviews

Rothys vs Everlane Shoes Review

Reviews for Rothys are overwhelmingly positive, with their website featuring a majority of four and five-star reviews. There are some comments from customers regarding awkward sizing for those with wider feet, as well as comments that state the shoes they purchased were uncomfortable, despite the company’s “zero break-in” claims. These concerns appear to be in the minority though. Generally speaking, it’s best to actually measure your feet, and follow their sizing tips to ensure you get the right fit.

Rothys website review:

“I have been practically living in my spotted loafers! They are a gorgeous pop to so many fall outfits and the comfort can’t be beat. I’m so glad I stepped out of my fashion comfort zone (owning no animal prints) and bought these!”
– Christina C. on Rothys.com

Rothys off-site review:

I Bought Rothy’s Shoes From an Instagram Ad and They’re Actually THE Best

“…they’re good for the planet, they’re comfortable, AND you can keep them looking brand-spankin’-new for a really long time.”
– Alisa Wolfson for Cosmopolitan

Everlane Customer Reviews

Rothys vs Everlane Shoes Review

Everlane customer reviews are also very positive. Review sections on their website have mainly four and five-star reviews. One consistent complaint is about sizing, with a number of customers finding the leather flats too small. That’s definitely something to keep in mind, as even customers who don’t have wider feet recommend going half a size up for better fit. The website indicates the shoes are manufactured with Italian sizing and a narrower fit. If you’re wondering how that compares to American sizing, here’s a helpful chart:

Italian Size US Size Inches Centimeters
35 5 1/2 9 22.8
35 1/2 6 9 1/8 23.1
36 6 1/2 9 1/4 23.5
37 7 9 3/8 23.8
37 1/2 7 1/2 9 1/2 24.1
38 8 9 5/8 24.5
38 1/2 8 1/2 9 3/4 24.8
39 9 9 7/8 25.1
40 9 1/2 10 25.4
41 10 10 1/8 25.7

Everlane website review

“These shoes are wonderfully made, beautiful Italian leather and the color and feel is magnificent. My only issue, and why they get 4 instead of 5 stars, is that these run incredibly small. The instructions tell you to go up a half size if you have wide feet, and I don’t so I did not. I definitely should have. Because they are leather, I can stretch them a bit to make them more comfortable but it is a bit disappointing that the sizing was not more clear.” – JJBB14 on Everlane.com

If you prefer video reviews, there are many of those that our good friend Google can point you to. It’s a good way to really see how the shoes look and wear on real feet. Youtubers seem to love their Everlane shoes, with a number of positive reviews to be found on the platform.

WINNER: Rothys

Rothys wins round five with more positive customer feedback overall. Everlane fell short as sizing seems to be an issue. Not being sure of your shoe size when buying online can be a big headache. Refunds or exchanges have to be done by mail, and all that running around and then waiting for a replacement pair takes away from the convenience of online shopping.

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Promotions & Discounts

Next up for our Rothys vs Everlane shoes review: promotions and discounts. Getting a discount can seriously be the difference between checking out and abandoning your cart. Here we’ll look at what each brand offers to entice you to complete your purchase. 

Rothys Promo Codes and Discounts

Rothys vs Everlane Shoes Review

Rothys offers a Refer-a-friend program. You give a friend (or friends!) $20 off their first order, and you’ll receive $20 off your next order once they make a purchase. It’s a neat way to give a little and get a little in return. 

For teachers, Rothys has a special discount just for you. Educators can get 20% off on purchases at Rothys.com. All you need to do is confirm your eligibility, and you’ll be given the discount code. There aren’t any sale items to speak of on the website. 

Everlane Promo Codes and Discounts

Rothys vs Everlane Shoes Review

Everlane has a sale section highlighting all of their discounted products. If you’re looking to get your hands on a pair of Everlane shoes at a lower price, start there. You’ll get free shipping on your first order. It’s also good to note that Everlane is retiring their Modern Loafer. It’s currently on sale for $90, down from $168, while supplies last

Choose What You Pay: This program allows Everlane customers to choose what price they want to pay for selected items. You’re given three options: $59, $69, or $79 for example, but even the highest price is a generous discount. Choose how much you want to pay and the shoes are yours! 

Podcast Promo Codes: If you’re an avid podcast listener, you might have heard ads for Everlane on your favourite shows. This brand sponsors a number of podcasts. Podcast hosts curate a mini collection of their favourite Everlane items, and listeners get free shipping when purchasing from the collection. Listen for your favourite show’s unique Everlane link during their ad breaks. 

WINNER: Everlane

With ongoing sales and their Choose What You Pay program, Everlane sweeps this round. Rothys’ website doesn’t currently offer discounted items. Their teachers’ discount is generous, they have a nice introductory offer for first-time buyers, and a referral program, but Everlane customers simply stand to save more. 


Shipping & Returns

A good shipping and return policy should be among your top priorities when buying your shoes online. Fast shipping is a must because let’s face it, you’re checking up on your tracking number as soon as you finish checking out. As for returns, the last thing you want is to be stuck with a pair of shoes that fits as well as the glass slipper did on Cinderella’s step-sisters. The next round of this Rothys vs Everlane shoes review will cover returns and shipping. 

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Rothys Shipping and Return Policy

Rothys vs Everlane Shoes Review


Rothys ships domestically and internationally. USPS standard ground shipping is free for all US purchases. UPS Expedited and UPS Rush are charged at flat rates of $25 and $35, respectively. 


For US purchases, you can return or exchange your Rothys shoes for a full refund within 30 days of receiving them at no cost. They just need to be unworn and unwashed. For in-person returns, take the shoes and any original packaging to your nearest Happy Returns Bar, or the Rothys brick and mortar store in San Francisco. For online returns, visit their return centre where you can print your shipping label. 

Everlane Shipping and Return Policy

Rothys vs Everlane Shoes Review


Everlane ships within the US as well as internationally. Your first US order ships free, but all US orders of two items or more qualify for free economy shipping. Express and Next-Day shipping are available and calculated accordingly. 


Items can be returned within 60 days of the purchase date as long as they are unworn, unwashed, and not damaged. Be sure to save all the original packaging, tags, and labels, as you’ll need to include those as well. In-person returns are accepted at brick and mortar Everlane stores. Online returns are straightforward:

  1. Access the Orders & Returns page via your Everlane account
  2. Choose the items to be returned
  3. Print your shipping label and drop the items off at your local post office 

WINNER: Everlane 

This was another close one as both Rothys and Everlane have pretty good shipping and return policies. Most customers for both brands will qualify for free shipping, and their returns processes are similar as well. There is one small difference which is how long each brand gives you to make your return. Rothys allows for 30 days from the date of receipt. That’s pretty standard. Everlane, on the other hand, allows for 60 days from the date of purchase. That gives customers much more time to test the shoes (indoors!) to see if they’re a good fit. This round of the Rothys vs Everlane shoes review goes to Everlane. 

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Price & Value

Price and value are two sides of the same coin. You have to consider both when sizing up any item for purchase. This is especially true when buying shoes online, as you can’t see and feel them before you buy them. It’s time for this Rothys vs Everlane shoes review to look at price vs value. 

Rothys Pricing vs Value

Rothys vs Everlane Shoes Review

Let’s get this one thing out of the way: Rothys shoes are expensive. For what looks like a simple canvas shoe, the pricing can be a little hard to swallow. However, these are not your typical fast-fashion footwear offerings. Ethical manufacturing and sustainable, eco-friendly materials are certainly a value add to consider here. Additionally, their durability and longevity mean that you can buy one pair of comfy black flats and have them for much longer than flats that are cheaply made and soon replaced. 

Everlane Pricing vs Value

Rothys vs Everlane Shoes Review

Everlane’s pricing is in line with what you can expect from a brand dedicated to ethical, eco-friendly production practices. While their shoes can be expensive, they are not that far off from what you would pay for comparable high-quality leather shoes from other brands. Their Choose What You Pay initiative and frequent sales mean that customers can enjoy significant discounts on their purchases. 

Rothys Shoe Price Point Everlane Shoe Price Point
Sneaker $125 Tread Sneaker $98
Loafer $165 Day Loafer $155
Point $145 40-Hour Flat $115

WINNER: Everlane

The last round in this Rothys vs Everlane shoes review goes to Everlane, for providing products of high quality at lower prices than Rothys. With some Everlane sneakers coming in at under $60, theirs is the more economical option, and customers still won’t have to compromise on quality. 

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We Choose: Everlane

Rothys vs Everlane Shoes Review

So let’s tally the scores for this Rothys vs Everlane shoes review. For this shoe brand showdown (shoedown?) we looked at a few of their product offerings in detail, as well as factors like quality, reviews, promotions, return policy, and price. Now we get to determine the winning brand based on how they scored in each category.

Category Rothys Everlane
Customer Ratings
Promotions & Discounts
Shipping & Returns
Price & Value

In this Rothys vs Everlane shoes review, Rothys held its own in two of eight categories, but for the most part, this brand battle was one-sided. Everlane offers the best for shoe shoppers overall. This isn’t to say Rothys shoes are a bad option, though. Ultimately you’ll have to decide what you value in terms of materials, manufacturing, and general aesthetic, as well as what your daily activities usually entail. Hopefully, you found this Everlane vs Rothys review eye-opening, and a good primer before you drop serious dollars on fresh footwear.

Read our full review for Rothys and check out these other top shoe brands:

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  • Birdies
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  • Meermin
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