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Frank and Oak Clothing Review – Must Read This Before Buying


Frank and Oak Clothing Review

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About Frank and Oak

Frank and Oak Clothing Review

Frank and Oak is a Canadian clothing brand for men and women, also offering accessories and a cool subscription Style Plan. This powerhouse brand makes a splash when it comes to quality, eco-friendly clothing and a personalized style experience. This Frank and Oak clothing review will help you make an informed purchase decision when it comes to spending your money in this brand.

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Overview of Frank and Oak 

Frank and Oak Clothing Review

Frank and Oak was born in Montreal, founded by engineers Ethan Song and Hicham Ratnani in 2012. Starting completely from scratch in the retail biz, it took its founders just over a year to become one of Canada’s most exciting retailers.

Frank and Oak credits their popularity to a selection of high quality, eco-conscious clothing made of recycled and organic materials. The fact that some of their clothing is sustainable, coupled with their personalized Style Plan, has made a name for the brand in both the online and offline retail game.

Before we go further into this Frank and Oak clothing review, let’s give you some pros and cons right off the bat:


  • Sells a variety of men’s and women’s clothing and accessories, ranging from casual lounge wear to formal work attire
  • Offers a personalized Style Plan, a monthly subscription box tailored to personal style and needs
  • Uses many recycled and organic materials in their clothing and accessories, including recycled polyester, recycled wool, recycled hemp and organic cotton
  • Their eco-conscious include hydro-less denim, cruelty-free insulation and eco dyes
  • Their shipping boxes and shipping bags are 100% recycled materials


  • Just 50% of Frank and Oak products are actually made with minimal impact processes
  • Size range is someone limited and doesn’t cater to plus sizes
  • Although in line with the quality, Frank and Oak’s clothing isn’t particularly affordable for the average consumer        
  • There is no option on Frank and Oak’s product pages to search by price
  • A requirement for the Style Box is that you pay for the clothing selected for you before you receive it, which many customers felt uninformed about
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Frank and Oak Clothing Review 

Frank and Oak offers apparel including casual sweatshirts, sweaters, denim, outerwear, shoes, accessories and everything in between. Although there is not exactly a shortage of Frank and Oak products, they don’t have an exceptionally large selection either. They prefer to focus on fewer, high quality, carefully selected pieces. We’re going to give you a taste of brand in this Frank and Oak clothing review by introducing you to some of their best sellers.

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Women’s Long-Sleeved Camp Collar Blouse 

Women’s Long-Sleeved Camp Collar Blouse
Women’s Long-Sleeved Camp Collar Blouse 

It really just takes a glance at the Women’s Long-Sleeved Camp Collar Blouse to know why this is one of Frank and Oak’s top sellers. It’s designed with a camp collar, a one piece, no band collar that is worn spread open. The regular length blouse is loose fitting and features an attractive button closure.

This blouse is part of the Minimal Collection, meaning its been made with minimal impact processes. The Long-Sleeved Camp Collar Blouse is made of 53% Viscose and 47% Eco Vero viscose, which means it ends up feeling exceptionally soft and gentle on your skin (which is what we all want, yes?). The Frank and Oak Long-Sleeved Camp Collar Blouse is available in Chocolate, Black and Beige for $79.50.

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Men’s Mackay Skinny Chino Pants

Men’s Mackay Skinny Chino Pants
Men’s Mackay Skinny Chino Pants

A Frank and Oak clothing review turned up the Men’s Mackay Skinny Chino Pants. They really are a sleek pair of chinos—just the right amount of dressed up and can be worn in a business casual setting or dressed down to wear with your favourite Frank and Oak flannel. They’ve got a flattering skinny fit, slack pockets in the front, and welted buttoned pockets in the back.

These chinos are also part of Frank and Oak’s Minimal collection, so you can be sure that you’re making an environmentally friendly purchase. They’re made of 98% Recycled cotton and 2% Spandex, making them soft and slightly flexible for comfort. The Mackay Skinny Chinos come in Grey and Blue for $89.50. 

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Frank and Oak Shoes Review 

Women’s Drift Sneaker

Women’s Drift Sneaker

It doesn’t take more than a glance at the Drift Sneaker to understand why it’s one of Frank and Oak’s bestselling items–they’re seriously cool. And when you find out that the leather used is 100% Bio-leather, you like the product even more.

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Basically, Frank and Oak wanted the wearer of these shoes to experience as much comfort as possible, while still creating the entire sneaker from recycled or sustainable materials. I mean, even the eyelets are made from recycled metal cans. Have you ever heard of such a thing?

They’re available in White + Burgundy and White + Tan. Both colour options are simple, classic and genuinely seem like they’d go with anything. They cost $169, which isn’t outrageous for a pair of sneakers that you would end up wearing everyday (I know I would anyway).

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Men’s Nevasca Water Repellent Boot

Men’s Nevasca Water Repellent Boot
Men’s Nevasca Water Repellent Boot

This winter boot is another in Frank and Oak’s Minimal collection and may just be the coolest looking winter boot I’ve ever seen.

The Nevasca Water Repellent Boot is made out of 100% eco-friendly and recycled materials, everything from the bio-leather upper sole to the discarded coffee husks used in the rubber for the toe caps and mud guards. I’ve never heard of using discarded coffee husks for virtually anything, but I’m here for it. This winter boot is waterproof (I’d be worried if a boot that was marketed to be used in the winter was not) and also has a recycled wool felt lining to keep you warm.

The Men’s Nevasca Water Repellent Boot comes in classic Black and Cognac, both of which look equally sleek and stylish. Both colours also come with an extra pair of shoelaces in a bright-red stripe, which in my opinion, would take the cool factor of these boots to the next level.

These boots are $249, so hopefully the materials that they’re made from are truly high enough quality to last you a very long time.

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Frank and Oak Outerwear Review 

Women’s Alpine Parka

Women’s Alpine Parka
Women’s Alpine Parka

Frank and Oak’s Alpine Parka seems to be the ideal winter coat. It’s supposed to keep you warm in temperatures down to -25° C, which is perfect for those brutally cold Canadian winters. It’s also the ideal length, coming down to roughly your knees (depending on how tall you are, obviously).

The Alpine Parka is made from a combo of recycled polyester sourced from discarded plastic bottles (which is truly awesome) and cotton. It’s also water proof, which is again, ideal for snowy winter conditions and has featherless insulation.

The Alpine Parka is available in 3 versatile colours: Black, Wine and Rosin. While this jacket usually costs $349, the Wine option is currently on sale for $149.97, so definitely scoop it up while you can.

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Men’s Robson Field Jacket

Men’s Robson Field Jacket
Men’s Robson Field Jacket

While probably not ideal for the winter months, the Robson Field Jacket is a seriously suave looking jacket. It’s relatively lightweight while still keeping you warm and is part of Frank and Oak’s Smart-Layer family. This means that it can be worn on its own, or be easily layered with other Smart-Layer pieces.

Being part of the Minimal collection as well, it’s made of 51% recycled polyester, so you can feel good that you’re wearing a jacket that’s at least half sustainable. I prefer the Robson Field Jacket in Dark Slate, but it’s also available in Navy, Deep Green, and Black. This jacket will run you a cool $199, so it’s a good thing it can be dressed both up and down.

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Frank and Oak Accessories Review 

Women’s Cardi-Stitch Beanie

Women’s Cardi-Stitch Beanie
Women’s Cardi-Stitch Beanie

Personally, I love a good beanie—and you’d be hard pressed to find one that’s more stylish than Frank and Oak’s Cardi-Stitch Beanie. It features cardigan-style stitching and has a Frank and Oak patch at the front. This hat will cost you $29.50, so make sure you take care of it.

The Cardi-Stitch Beanie is not one of Frank and Oak’s products that are sustainable, so don’t think you’re buying a beanie made of recycled plastic bottles or something of the sort. It’s made of a flexible 50% Viscose, 30% Nylon, and 20% Polyester blend. The Cardi-Stitch Beanie is available in Dusty wine (my favourite), Beige, Grey Mix and Black.

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Men’s Classic Beanie

Men’s Classic Beanie
Men’s Classic Beanie

Frank and Oak’s Classic Beanie is exactly how you’d want a (classic) beanie to look. It’s ribbed with a wide cuff and definitely looks warm. There’s a subtle off-center Frank and Oak logo along the cuff. This is the kind of beanie that comes to mind when I think winter minimalist.

This beanie again is not made of sustainable materials, so you may want to pass if that’s why you came to Frank and Oak: it’s made of a 55% Acrylic, 45% Cotton blend for coziness and warmth. The Men’s Classic Beanie comes in Vintage Grey, Yellow, and Navy. One of these beanies will come in at $29.50, so try not to leave it on the subway.

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Frank and Oak Tote Bag

Frank and Oak Tote Bag
Frank and Oak Tote Bag
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When looking for bags for this Frank and Oak clothing review, I found that Frank and Oak does not carry purses or messenger bags (kind of surprised about this). They do, however, carry tote bags. They’re incredibly simple, so if that’s the look you’re going for, they might be for you.

Frank and Oak tote bags are made from partly recycled materials and boast a white texted “Frank and Oak” printed on the front. The rest of the bag is either Red, White or Black. One of these tote bags will run you $10, so arguably Frank and Oak’s cheapest product.

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WWF-Canada Tote Bag

WWF-Canada Tote Bag
WWF-Canada Tote Bag

When it comes to Frank and Oak tote bags, there’s no differentiation between men’s and women’s—which is fair enough. However, Frank and Oak does sell a WWF-Canada Tote Bag for $17, which donates $5 of every tote bag purchased to WWF. The goal of this donation is to help keep plastic out of nature, which I think is fantastic.

While expensive for a simple tote bag, the fact that $5 of each bag is donated to charity is a pretty great incentive. This Frank and Oak tote bag is made out of partly recycled materials (36% recycled polyester) and is available in Beige.

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Frank and Oak Style Plan

The Style Plan is an integral part of any Frank and Oak clothing review. Here’s a quick breakdown of Frank and Oak’s trendy Style Plan, if you’re interested in having personalized clothing shipped to your house every month.

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How the Style Plan Works

Frank and Oak Clothing Review

A Frank and Oak stylist will pick out seasonal pieces for you every month and have them delivered to your door. Yes, you get your own stylist. The pieces are selected based on responses to a short quiz, which includes questions on your clothing preferences, body type and size.

Frank and Oak will ship 3-5 items every month with the option of previewing the items before hand. If patience isn’t your virtue, it’s ok to cave to the suspense and take a peek at the box they’ve assembled for you!

A Frank and Oak clothing review revealed that a monthly box can range in price from $150-$250 and can include clothing, accessories or a mix of both. If you decide not to keep anything in your box, you’ll be charged a $25 styling fee. This is kind of a drag, but hopefully the quiz minimizes the number of items you receive that aren’t your style.

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Is Frank and Oak Worth It?

Frank and Oak Clothing Review

This is a great question for a Frank and Oak clothing review, but not a simple one. While I do think Frank and Oak can be worth it, though it highly depends on the item and how much you value style.

Take the Frank and Oak Long-Sleeved Camp Collar with a $79.50 price tag. It’s made out of just under 50% recycled materials. Do I believe that this warrants almost $80 for a Frank and Oak shirt? Personally, I would be discouraged from buying an $80 blouse that was only made out of 47% Eco Vero viscose.

Frank and Oak’s beanies are not made from any eco-friendly materials and they will still run you nearly $30 each, in keeping with Frank and Oak’s higher price point. That being said, I see no problem with purchasing a pair of jeans such as the Stevie High Waisted Non-Stretch Jean for $89.50, which is made of 100% Organic cotton.

A Frank and Oak clothing review indicated that there are no reviews on their website and no option to provide feedback on individual items. Reviews off of the Frank and Oak website are mixed, mostly due to their subscription service. The main issue appeared to be that customers were not aware they would be charged for the full value of the contents of their subscription box up front, before it’s even shipped to them. They would then get a refund depending on the items they chose to keep.

Seeing as most clothing subscriptions only charge you afterwards, depending on what items you’ve decided to keep, many customers were outraged when they noticed up to $400 disappearing from their account, before they had even received their Frank and Oak box. Whoever is reading this Frank and Oak clothing review, I don’t know about you, but this sounds like a bit of a nightmare to me.

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Where to Buy Frank and Oak

Frank and Oak Clothing Review

Frank and Oak Online

Frank and Oak is available online on their website: frankandoak.com.

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Frank and Oak Store

There are many Frank and Oak stores throughout the US and parts of Canada including: 

  • Frank and Oak Chicago
  • Frank and Oak DC
  • Frank and Oak NYC
  • Frank and Oak Boston
  • Frank and Oak Montreal (the first Frank and Oak Canada store)
  • Frank and Oak Toronto
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Frank and Oak Promotions & Discounts 

Frank and Oak Clothing Review

Looking for Frank and Oak discount codes? There are several Frank and Oak discount coupon codes and Frank and Oak promo codes available. Here’s what I was able to find for this Frank and Oak clothing review: 

Receive a unique 15% off coupon code when you sign up for Frank and Oak’s newsletter.

  • Use code: CART10 for 10% off everything in your cart
  • Use code: MSA25 for $25 off + a waived $25 styling fee on your first Style Plan box
  • Use code: VIP25 for 25% off your entire order
  • Use code: WINTER15 for 15% of your entire order
  • Use code: CELEBRATE30 for $30 off your first Style Plan box

A Frank and Oak coupon is a fantastic way to make the brand slightly more affordable! 


Frank and Oak Sizing

As mentioned earlier in this Frank and Oak clothing review, the brand doesn’t offer a huge selection of sizes and is borderline when it comes to plus sizes. Here’s how their sizing generally runs:

Frank and Oak Men

Frank and Oak’s men’s sizes vary depending on the item. We included the sizing guide for men’s shirts from the Frank and Oak website:

Size Neck Chest Sleeve Size
XS 36-37 cm 87 cm 84 cm
Small 37-38 cm 92 cm 86 cm
Medium 39-40 cm 97 cm 89 cm
Large 40-41 cm 102 cm 91 cm
XL 42-43 cm 107 cm 94 cm
XXL 44-45 cm 112 cm 96 cm

Additional Sizing: 

  • Pants and jeans: 28×32 – 36×34
  • Blazers: 36R to 34R
  • Shoes: 8 to 13

Frank and Oak Women

Frank and Oak’s women’s sizing also varies depending on the item. Here’s the Sizing Guide on women’s tops on Frank and Oak’s website:

Size Bust Waist Hips
XXS 77.5-80 cm 58.5-61 cm 84-86 cm
XS 82.5-85 cm 63.5-66 cm 89-91.5 cm
Small 87.5-90 cm 68.5-71 cm 94-96.5 cm
Medium 92.5-95 cm 73.5-77.5 cm 99-103 cm
Large 99-103 cm 81-85 cm 106.5-110.5 cm
XL 106.5-110.5 cm 89-92.5 cm 114-118 cm

Additional Sizing: 

  • Pants and jeans: 00 to 16
  • Shoes: 6 to 10
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Frank and Oak Clothing Review

Frank and Oak Shipping

Here’s breakdown of Frank and Oak’s shipping policy:

  • Frank and Oak ships to all US and Canadian addresses and 40+ countries around the world.
  • They offer free shipping over $99 (but do not specify where to)
  • Standard shipping averages (2-7 business days) and costs $9.95
  • Express Shipping averages 2-4 business days and costs $25
  • You have the option of shipping to the store, which averages 2-7 business days and is free
  • International delivery times differ depending on location and can cost between $40 and $50

Frank and Oak Returns

A Frank and Oak clothing review found a relatively brief return policy:

  • Returns can be made in store and online
  • Online returns can be completed by logging into your Frank and Oak account and generating a return label free of charge
  • If you’re making your return by mail, you need to make your request online within 10 days after delivery or by in-store purchase
  • You then have 7 days to mail the items back to Frank and Oak
  • If you make an in-store purchase and decide to return it by mail, you will receive store credit only (you can also use this credit to buy Frank and Oak gift cards)

All items must be in unworn, unwashed condition and have the tags still attached.

All clearance items ending in $.97 are final sale and cannot be returned. These items also can’t be returned: custom suiting, bodywear, swimwear, grooming products, books and magazines.

How to Cancel Frank and Oak

You can easily cancel your Frank and Oak subscription service by logging into your account and heading to the Membership Settings section of your Frank and Oak profile.

Contact Frank and Oak

If you’re looking to contact the brand beyond this Frank and Oak clothing review, you have lots of options:

1.    If you’re looking to contact a specific Frank and Oak retail store, refer to the store’s own business hours and contact information

2.    Via their online chat on their website

3.    By email at: [email protected]

4.    Via Facebook Messenger

5.    Via Twitter: @FrankHelps

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