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Cocunat Rizos Review – Must Read This Before Buying


Cocunat Rizos Review

Table of Contents

About Cocunat

Cocunat Rizos Review

Cocunat is on a mission to bring you safe face, body, and hair care products. Though other brands offer paraben-free formulations, what sets Cocunat apart is its incredibly strict standards, through which the company bans over 9k harmful substances from its products.

Thankfully, safer doesn’t mean less effective. Cocunat’s line is made from earth-derived ingredients that are backed by science. Plus, not only are the products better for you, but also better for the planet.

Cocunat Rizos Review

The company’s cruelty-free, non-toxic, and sustainable products have earned it an impressive 382k followers on Instagram. Plus, the brand has been featured in several notable publications, including Vogue, Glamour, Harper’s Bazaar, and Telva.

Stay tuned as this Cocunat rizos review explores the brand and its natural collection, customer feedback, promos, and more, so you can decide if its products are worth adding to your collection.

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Overview of Cocunat

Cocunat Rizos Review

Cocunat is a brand that is based in Barcelona, where its official headquarters are located. Founded by Sara Werner in 2013, this company was born with a mission to provide effective products that are free of harmful substances—its team actually coined the term “toxic-free.”

The brand is incredibly transparent about its line of face, hair, and body care products. Each item page tells customers exactly what is in it, provides an explanation for its formulation, and offers a percentage of how natural it is. Plus, all of the company’s methods are backed by science.

In addition to its natural and organic ingredients, the brand is also cruelty-free in both its ingredients and manufacturing processes. It is a sustainable company, and its team doesn’t take that lightly. Each product features 100% recyclable packaging and biodegradable ingredients.

The company is passionate about empowering women and universal beauty. It stands by its belief that every individual has something to offer the world. Plus, the majority of Cocunat employees are women who possess power and ambition. The brand really emphasizes female voices, which is something the corporate world needs more of.

Cocunat Rizos Review

Before we dive any deeper into this Cocunat rizos review, let’s pause to take a look at some pros and cons.


  • Wide variety of face, hair, and body products to choose from
  • Products are free from over 9k toxic ingredients
  • Cruelty-free brand with vegan products and processes
  • Natural ingredients and scents
  • Use sustainable methods: recyclable packaging and products
  • Advertises women empowerment and universal beauty
  • Natural products
  • Very responsive customer service team
  • Cocunat Muestras” (aka samples) available
  • International shipping (mostly)


  • They don’t fully deliver internationally, as some countries are excluded
  • Some products are reported ineffective for certain customers
  • Short 14-day return policy and the brand does not cover return costs
Cocunat Rizos Review

So, you’ve decided to make the switch from chemical-laden products to those with more natural and safe ingredients. Great! Now, it’s time to learn about hair, skin, and body products that feature skin-loving, earth-loving, and animal-loving formulations. Up next, this Cocunat rizos review will take you through some of the brand’s bestsellers.

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Cocunat Hair Products Review

Its natural and effective hair products are what the brand is most known for. Each option is sustainable and free of toxins. Plus, whether you have straight or curly hair, it’ll have a formula that caters to your hair type. This Cocunat rizos review will now go over some of the brand’s top-selling shampoos, conditioners, and other hair-loving products.

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Cocunat Rich Dry Hair Pack Review 

Cocunat Rizos Review
Cocunat Rich Dry Hair Pack

The sun, a hot curling iron, pollution, hair products full of chemicals. Our hair meets some of these stressors on a daily basis. And our dry and damaged hair is the proof.

Well, the Cocunat Rich Dry Hair Pack is here to help. Featuring two of the brand’s top products, this duo helps enhance your hair’s health by adding nourishment and repairing any damage. With this pack, you’ll receive:

  • Rich Strengthening Shampoo (6.8 fl oz)
  • Rich Repair Conditioner (6.8 fl oz)

The two work together to make your hair soft, shiny, and voluminous. The shampoo controls frizz while adding movement and luster to your locks. Meanwhile, after leaving the conditioner on for 3-5 minutes, you’ll notice detangled, smooth, and easy to manage hair.

The main selling point of this duo is that it combats common signs of damaged hair and prevents your locks from becoming any more destroyed. The Rich Dry Hair Pack will strengthen and protect your strands while reducing the risk of split ends.

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Naturally scented with exotic fruits, this “Cocunat Cabello” (translation: coconut hair) bundle is $48. Or, double up on the shampoo for $67.

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Cocunat Pure Shampoo Review

Cocunat Rizos Review
Cocunat Pure Shampoo

Do you ever wash your hair in the morning, just to be met by greasy hair by mid-afternoon? Well, the Cocunat Pure Shampoo might be for you. Specially formulated for the oiliest of hair types, this product helps balance the hydration levels in your hair.

This shampoo will thoroughly wash your locks to rid them of toxins and products, without leaving them oily. But, it won’t dry out your hair. Its infusion of sweet almonds, burdock, and sage ensures you’re left with moisturized and healthy hair without the extra grease.

Hop in the shower and cut through the oil with Cocunat’s $23 Pure Shampoo (6.76 fl oz).

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Cocunat Pure Conditioner Review 

Cocunat Rizos Review
Cocunat Pure Conditioner

Now that you’ve discovered the perfect shampoo for oily hair, you’re going to need a conditioner to match. The Cocunat Pure Conditioner helps remove grease, add hydration, and provide lustrous shine.

This conditioner has a weightless effect and detangles your hair after you leave it on for 3-5 minutes. This product will protect you from hair loss and breakage, ultimately leaving your hair feeling strong and silky.

Add the Pure Conditioner to your oil-preventing routine for $25 (6.76 fl oz).

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Cocunat Face Review

Though the iconic hair products are what it’s most known for, the company also offers natural face products. In this collection, customers will find age-defying eye creams, protective moisturizers, and nourishing lip balms. Up next, this Cocunat rizos review will cover some of the brand’s most popular face products.

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Cocunat The Absolute Review

Cocunat Rizos Review
Cocunat The Absolute

The science of epigenetics backs up this anti-aging cream. The Absolute is formulated with 94% natural ingredients from the earth and the sea. This cream helps fight fine lines and minimize dark spots while enhancing your skin’s nutrition.

Not only does it fight against signs of aging, but this product also provides a protective barrier against pollution. Thanks to its advanced technology, this face cream is made with vitamins, nutrients, and proteins that help stimulate your skin. This combination helps collagen production, cell regeneration, and a smoother complexion.

To lift your skin, maintain its elasticity, and minimize signs of aging, you can purchase The Absolute for $87 (1.69 fl oz). To really kick those wrinkles to the curb, check out the Cocunat The Architect bundle, too.

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Cocunat Bang Balm Review

Cocunat Rizos Review
Cocunat Bang Balm

You can kiss your cracked and chapped lips goodbye, but we’re pretty sure you won’t miss them. The Cocunat Bang Balm is infused with advanced (natural) ingredients to combat the driest of lips.

Sweet almond oil and shea butter work together to rejuvenate your pucker with long-lasting moisture. Despite its healing properties, this product offers a lip gloss-like appearance that leaves your lips looking juicy.

The Bang Balm is $23 (0.34 fl oz) and is available in the shades Strawberry (light pink), Peach (nude), and Bling (clear). To get fully date-ready, add the Cocunat WonderMask to your ritual.

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Cocunat The Glow Review 

Cocunat Rizos Review
Cocunat The Glow

If you didn’t already know, Hot Girl Summer is here. If you want your body to glisten when you shed your Winter sweaters and joggers, The Glow can help you get there. It’ll moisturize and revitalize your skin while giving it an illuminating glow.

This body moisturizer uses coconut oil, shea butter, and jojoba to soften, soothe, and reaffirm your skin. These natural ingredients work together to stimulate collagen and elastin while neutralizing free radicals.

This “Cocunat Cara” product (translation: coconut skin) will not only nourish your skin, but will also reduce the appearance of imperfections, thanks to its blurring sheen. If you’ve been looking for a natural, lightweight, hydrating, and illuminating drink for your skin, The Glow is available for $66 (6.76 fl oz).

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Cocunat Body Review

Now that we’ve covered some of its most popular hair and face products, this all-natural brand wouldn’t be complete without some nourishing, shimmering, skin-loving body products. From sunscreen to deodorant, this Cocunat rizos review will now go over some of the brand’s best-selling options.

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Cocunat Natural Protector SPF 30 Review 

Cocunat Rizos Review
Cocunat Natural Protector SPF 30

In the world of skincare, SPF is arguably the most crucial part of your routine. The Cocunat Natural Protector SPF 30 is not only a sunscreen, but it also hydrates your skin.

You can use this product on your face and body safely, knowing you’re protecting yourself as well as the ocean. This product is biodegradable, preventing any harm to the sea, including the discoloration of coral reefs—something that typical sunscreens are known for doing.

This SPF is lightweight and absorbs fast, leaving you free of that unwanted white residue. But, how does it work? This product uses zinc oxide as a shield to block radiation and natural oils to help replenish your skin.

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Help reduce your carbon footprint while simultaneously protecting your body from harmful rays with the Natural Protector SPF 30 for $35 (3.38 fl oz).

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Cocunat Unbeatable Review 

Cocunat Rizos Review
Cocunat Unbeatable

Have you ever heard of a deodorant that lasts up to a week with only one application? Neither have we, until now. Meet the Cocunat Unbeatable deodorant. Advertised as “the ultimate bacteria neutralizer,” this product claims to last 2-7 days, withstanding physical exertion and showering.

This is not your standard deodorant in a stick. It comes in a jar with a cream consistency. It’s made with natural ingredients and works to fight the humidity against your skin, absorb sweat, and control bacteria that cause unwanted odor.

You can try the Unbeatable deodorant for $29 (1.35 fl oz).

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Cocunat Hydration & Glow Ritual Review

Cocunat Rizos Review
Cocunat Hydration & Glow Ritual

The Cocunat Hydration & Glow Ritual duo perfect the state of your skin, giving you ultimate hydration and an effortless glow. This bundle includes:

  • Extraordinary Oil (5.92 fl oz)
  • The Glow (6.76 fl oz)

Key ingredients in this bundle include rosehip and almond and argan oils. When using these two products together, you’ll achieve firm yet soft skin. They also aim to prevent stretch marks, reduce blemishes, and blur imperfections.

For best results, use the oil at night to nourish your skin while you sleep. When you awake, illuminate your skin with the glow cream. Right now, the Hydration & Glow Ritual combo is on sale for $112, from $125.

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Does Cocunat Work On Straight Hair?

Cocunat Rizos Review

Cocunat products have a great rep for curly hair, but the brand does not exclude anyone. You can use its products no matter your hair type, whether you have straight, wavy, or curly locks! While many products cater to specific hair types, a product that suits all is the Capillary Argan Serum. Anyone can benefit from using this product to help fight frizz and hydrate hair.

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How Do You Use Cocunat Curls?

Cocunat Rizos Review

The Cocunat Curl Plan in 3 Steps is the perfect trio for girls with curls. Before approaching this set, make sure your hair is fresh, clean, and damp! Then proceed to follow these three steps:

  1. Use a very small amount of the Capillary Argan Serum to prep the ends of your hair.
  2. Apply 1-2 drops of the Curl Booster (those blessed with thicker and longer hair might need more). Using your hands, scrunch the product evenly through the lower half of your hair.
  3. For the last step, spray the Curl Spray into your hands and then apply it with that same scrunching motion to enhance those curls.

After following these steps, the choice is yours: either let it air dry or use a diffuser to kick your curls up a notch.

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Is Cocunat Vegan?

Cocunat Rizos Review

Yes, Cocunat is a vegan brand. It advertises being 100% natural, vegan, cruelty-free, and toxic-free. The company states on its website: “We follow a philosophy that is completely against animal cruelty, so we would never allow raw materials to be tested on them. For this reason, both Cocunat and our cosmetics are vegan.

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Cocunat Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Cocunat Rizos Review

So, is Cocunat any good? The brand prides itself on its natural products, but we wanted to see what customers were really saying. Below, you’ll find ratings and comments from the company’s website, TrustPilot, and Facebook that provide insight into the collection.

On the company’s website, its top-selling products have garnered dozens to hundreds of reviews. Most of these products have impressively earned perfect scores. The following products all have a 5/5-star rating:

  • Cocunat Curl Booster (from 33 ratings)
  • Curl Plan in 2 Steps (from 46 ratings)
  • Curl Plan in 3 Steps (from 143 ratings)
  • Curl Care Plan (from 59 ratings)
  • Cocunat Balsamo Devino (from 131 ratings)
  • 2020 Award Winning Cosmetics Pack (from 54 ratings)
  • Curls & Nourishment Plan (from 68 ratings)
  • The Cure (from 32 ratings)

We chose to take a deeper look at the Curl Plan in 3 Steps because it is the brand’s most reviewed product. Most customers are shocked by how good this product makes their hair look, noting that it defines curls, adds volume, and controls frizz. Take this glowing example:

I never had seen my own curls like this!… I have much more volume and if my curls need a refreshment , I make my hair a bit wet and combine it with the curl creme, absolutely LOVE it. Finally, my desperate search for good curl products came to an end!!!

There are a ton of comments that share this sentiment. The only negative we could find was that some shoppers “wish that they would come in bigger sizes so [they] could enjoy it for a longer period of time.”

Cocunat Rizos Review

Though impressive, the testimonials on the brand’s website are pretty one-sided. So, this Cocunat rizos review turned to Trustpilot, where there was a steady drop in how shoppers viewed these products.

Here, the company holds a 3.4/5-star rating from 455 reviews. Starting with the positives, curly-haired folks highly recommend Cocunat’s collection because each product defines curls without weighing them down too much.

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One customer shares how she has tried many hair products to no avail until discovering this brand: “I have tried so many products for curly hair over the years and many of them leave my hair frizzy, heavy, flat, crispy or lifeless. I absolutely love Cocunat products… I wouldn’t use anything else now. Overall fantastic product.

We’ve noticed that most adverse customer comments have been updated, making a point to thank the customer service team for assisting them with their issue. This proves excellent feedback for the brand’s team, which is a crucial component for being deemed a good company.

Take this example: “I cannot praise the Customer Service enough- there was a problem with the delivery ( to the UK) by FedEx- As soon as they were made aware, they organised a next day delivery for me free of charge. Their responses to my emails were instant. I highly recommend this company.

Cocunat Rizos Review

Moving onto Facebook feedback, one customer gave a comprehensive review of her personal experience with the brand:

I love everything I’ve tried so far from Cocunat (and I have a lot of their products). The thing I most love is that they’re all super effective and on top of that they are cruelty free, good for you, your skin and [natural]! [Their] products and all packaging is sustainable, so I love that. Their [customer] service is excellent as well.

For the most part, customers are happy with the results of Cocunat’s products. The negative comments were attended to by the company’s customer service team, which left them feeling satisfied. For product complaints, we understand that not every product will work for everyone.

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Is Cocunat Worth It?

Cocunat Rizos Review

So, is Cocunat worth it? After reviewing its all-natural hair, face, and body products, we believe the brand is worth it. If you’re looking for organic alternatives with great results, this company uses ingredients from the earth to develop formulations that meet your needs. From anti-aging to damage repairing benefits, the brand carries a plethora of solutions!

The company is super transparent with its products, and customers have noticed. This Cocunat rizos review found in-depth details about the company’s process, as well as how to use each product.

In addition to the positives mentioned, the brand’s customer service team is really on top of things. We’ve witnessed its responses to customers across all platforms, and its employees are incredibly prompt and ready to help. Customers also report great feedback about its service, which we are proud to report.

Overall, hundreds of customers readily recommend this brand, which is what we like to see. So, from everything that we’ve collected, this Cocunat rizos review recommends trying its products.

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Cocunat Promotions & Discounts

Cocunat Rizos Review

Unfortunately, there are no active Cocunat discount codes. But, the company is offering sales on specific bundles and products.

For big sale events, such as the Cocunat Memorial Day Sale, sign up for the company’s email list—you’ll be the first to hear about upcoming deals.

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Where to Buy Cocunat

Cocunat Rizos Review

Customers can purchase the brand’s hair, body, and face products exclusively from Cocunat.com.

Additional retailers are not available at the time of this review. Hopefully, the brand will expand its merchandise to authorized sellers, such as a Cocunat Amazon collection.

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What is Cocunat’s Shipping Policy?

Cocunat offers free US shipping on orders over $59. Otherwise, you’ll be charged $10. For other countries, here are the shipping costs as listed on the company’s website:

  • Spain: €5 or free for orders over €39
  • Europe: €6 or free for orders over €49
  • The UK: £5 or free for orders over £45
  • The rest of the world: €10 or free for orders over €59

There are several countries the brand cannot ship to, such as Mexico and Cuba. For a full list, check out the Delivery and Returns Policy. The carriers the company uses are FedEx and DHL.

What is Cocunat’s Return Policy?

As long as you are within 14 days of delivery, you can return your products if they’re unused and in the same packaging you received them in. To request a return, you’ll have to obtain the return form on the company’s contact page.

This Cocunat rizos review thought it was important to mention that all return fees are the customer’s responsibility.

How to Contact Cocunat

If you have any questions after reading this Cocunat rizos review, you can contact its customer service team via the contact page on the brand’s site.

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