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Chagrin Valley Review – Must Read This Before Buying


Chagrin Valley Review

Table of Contents

About Chagrin Valley

Chagrin Valley Review

People seem to have a love affair with soap. It’s special enough to give to those we love and important enough to require a small debate in the pharmacy aisle. But something so intimately chosen isn’t often looked at closely enough, and big brands pretending to be naturalists don’t always see the difference that truly clean ingredients can make. 

Chagrin Valley soap is a quaint little brand with a big heart. Using truly natural ingredients for its line of personal care products, it offers a trustworthy line of hand-crafted soaps, salves, and lotions that take notes from the organic world.

Genuine brands like this one are hard to come by, so it’s no wonder Chagrin Valley has grown a healthy social media community of over 20.5K followers on Instagram and 29k likes on Facebook, and is sold in big-name stores like Whole Foods,

Ahead, we’ll get into the nitty-gritty details of the company and its best sellers, scrub up some customer feedback, and polish things off with details on promotions. After that, we hope you’ve gotten all that you needed to decide whether this brand is worth a try. 

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Overview of Chagrin Valley

Chagrin Valley Review

The personal care world is filled with brands posing as all-natural ones, with organic-sounding names and claims that many people don’t realize are simply masks for the synthetic ingredients that lie in wait inside each plastic tube. 

But every now and then you come across a brand with heart. One whose formulas are all invented by themselves, using good-for-you ingredients fully and not as part of the marketing to lure you in. 

Chagrin Valley Soap and Salve is one of those brands, with its homemade recipes manufactured in Solon, OH. Sourcing clean, nourishing ingredients and making its items by hand, the process is an organic one that involves the entire Friedman-Kasdan family. 

Its recipes didn’t come from nowhere though, Ida has a background in medicine and science, and it turns out, a love for soap. After realizing that even the “natural” products on the market were loaded with synthetic fragrances and colors, the idea for the company was born.

Chagrin Valley officially got its start in 2001 with a simple bar of oatmeal soap. Husband and wife duo, Ida and Howard, created a soap mold and tinkered around with a recipe until it came out perfect. A down-to-earth family business, everyone from Ida’s son to her mother has had their hands in this company and they wouldn’t have it any other way. 

So now that you know a little more about the brand and how it got started, this Chagrin Valley review will move on to some highlights before heading into its immaculate product lineup:


  • Wide range of products for men, women, and kids
  • 100% USDA Certified Organic
  • Uses only natural ingredients
  • Offers trial sizes
  • Uses minimal packaging
  • Cruelty-free
  • Has vegan options
  • Membership Program 
  • Ships internationally 
Chagrin Valley Review

When landing on the brand’s home page, we felt a soothing peace rush over us. Natural textures and pictures flood the site, categorizing its products for easy browsing. Shop by sensitivity, type of product, browse the staff’s favorites, or simply take a gander through the many selections that span between hair, face, bath, baby, and aromatherapy. 

In the next section of this Chagrin Valley review, we’ll walk you through an array of the brand’s hair, face, and body products. We’ve even included one for your faithful four-legged friend who deserves clean care too. Let’s start our journey.

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Chagrin Valley Review

If there’s one thing Chagrin Valley products are, it’s carefully crafted. Made by expert artisans with top-of-the-line natural, organic ingredients, the brand’s collection of personal care items is nothing short of amazing. 

Below, this Chagrin Valley review will feature the brand’s best-selling personal care products including uplifting soaps, foaming shampoos, and luxurious creams. 

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Chagrin Valley Winter Survival Soap Review

Chagrin Valley Review 1
Chagrin Valley Winter Survival Soap

Hit ‘refresh’ on dry, itchy skin and enjoy the invigorating, moisturizing properties of the Winter Survival soap bar from Chagrin Valley. This seasonal concoction is the antidote to flaky, chapped complexions that need extra love when the cold weather hits.  

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The Winter Survival soap contains organic shea butter, cocoa butter and coconut milk to hydrate and calm the skin. Plus, antibacterial and antiviral tea tree and rosemary oils help to clear the senses at the peak of cold and flu season. 

If you want to sport smoother, nourished-looking skin throughout the holidays and beyond, take advantage of a full-size 5.6 oz bar for $10.

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Chagrin Valley Shampoo Bar Ayurvedic Herb Review

Chagrin Valley Shampoo Bar Ayurvedic Herb Review
Chagrin Valley Shampoo Bar Ayurvedic Herb

The particular bar has brought Chagrin Valley a lot of attention. Using a blend of Ayurvedic herbs like shikakai, bhringraj, amla, the Shampoo Bar Ayurvedic Herb cleanses, strengthens, and softens hair. 

With coconut milk to nourish and hibiscus to help prevent hair loss and dandruff, it’s no wonder this miracle Chagrin Valley shampoo bar is as popular as it is. Try out a 1.7 oz sample for $4 or get the full 5.6 oz bar for $10.

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Chagrin Valley Face Cream Whipped Squalane Face & Eye Cream Review

Chagrin Valley Face Cream Whipped Squalane Face & Eye Cream Review
Chagrin Valley Face Cream Whipped Squalane Face & Eye Cream

Our bodies age every day, and there’s nothing we can really do to stop it. With that said, there is something we can do to lessen the effects of aging, and it happens to have a lot to do with moisture. 

The Face Cream Whipped Squalane Face & Eye Cream works to moisturize your body’s most sensitive and thinnest skin, helping to reduce the appearance of fine lines. It sinks in quickly while the olive squalane, shea olein, and jojoba work with your cells to help them multiply (newer cells = more youthful look). Pick up a 1 fl oz jar for $15.

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Chagrin Valley Shaving Lemon Lime Review

Chagrin Valley Shaving Lemon Lime Review
Chagrin Valley Shaving Lemon Lime

Shaving opens pores, making it easy for toxins to penetrate your skin. If you’re using a synthetic shave cream, what do you think is making its way inside your body? 

The Shaving Lemon Lime bar is 100% natural, made with organic soap nuts, avocado oil, and bentonite clay to give you a smooth, close shave, adding helpful nutrients to your skin — not bad ones! 

Made with shea and cocoa butters, and even though this is a natural product, you’ll still get that creamy lather you love. Change the way you shave with a 3 oz bar for $7.

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Chagrin Valley Body Cream Whipped Cocoa Butter Body Cream Review

Chagrin Valley Body Cream Whipped Cocoa Butter Body Cream Review
Chagrin Valley Body Cream Whipped Cocoa Butter Body Cream

Cocoa butter has been used for ages to condition skin and reduce stretch marks, plus its rich, delicious scent is an added bonus that makes it easy to remember to slather some on. 

The Body Cream Whipped Cocoa Butter Body Cream takes this delectable lotion to the next level, its whipped texture luxurious and soft on your skin. Simple and nourishing, the cream uses a combination of cocoa butter, jojoba oil, and pumpkin seed oil (all organic). Grab a 4 fl oz jar for $20, or a test out the trial 1 fl oz size for $9.

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Chagrin Valley Pets Cedarwood Lavender Review

Chagrin Valley Pets Cedarwood Lavender Review
Chagrin Valley Pets Cedarwood Lavender

Ever wash your dog and they just can’t stop itching after? The poor pup is experiencing the same thing you do when using harsh soaps, and yet, there isn’t a whole lot around for natural pet care products. Just because they can’t tell you they’re itchy doesn’t mean we should overlook it. 

The Pets Cedarwood Lavender shampoo bar makes sure your dog’s skin is moisturized and clean. With sunflower oil, shea butter, and castor oil, the shampoo soaks through fur into their skin, while calendula helps to soothe and clean. 

It’s made with fir needle essential oils to help keep fleas and ticks away too, meaning this soap cleanses and protects! Show your little guy some extra love with a 3.8 oz bar for $7.

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Who Is Chagrin Valley For? 

Chagrin Valley Review

The need to switch up from synthetic-based personal care products has become more evident lately, with research showing how our bodies react to them in the long term. Choosing something natural instead may be alluring for anyone who has suffered from a reaction to an artificial product, or simply wants to keep themself and their family as safe as possible. 

With an inclusive range of products for a variety of needs and uses, Chagrin Valley offers vegetarian-friendly items but has quite a few vegan varieties too. Ideal for the purist or anyone looking for a skin-friendly personal care line, this brand is a friend to all.

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Are Chagrin Valley Ingredients Certified Organic? 

Chagrin Valley Review

You betcha, and then some. Chagrin Valley Soap and Salve is a USDA Certified Organic Company that uses only the purest, natural, biodegradable ingredients. Never using anything artificial or synthetic, doesn’t contain alcohol or petroleum derivatives (like other soaps can), nor do they have any artificial foam enhancers. 

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Instead, what you’ll get with this squeaky clean brand is 100% organic, non-GMO products that nourish your skin. Cured for 8 -10 weeks, Chagrin Valley soaps last longer and produce more lather than other natural versions without the need for chemical additives. 

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Chagrin Valley Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Chagrin Valley Review

Since you’re reading this Chagrin Valley review, there’s a good chance you’ve tried your fair share of natural soap. You probably found out the hard way that some were less natural than they led on, and maybe you’re here reading this in hopes of finding out if this brand is the real deal.

If so, you’re in luck, because this is the part of our review where we track down feedback from those who have used Chagrin Valley products. We’ll get started close to home, on the brand’s website, and below, you’ll find a few ratings we plucked from its best sellers list:

  • Cedarwood Lavender Dog Shampoo: 4.9/5 stars, 21 reviews
  • Whipped Cocoa Butter Body Cream: 4.6/5 stars, 85 reviews
  • Lemon Lime Shaving Soap: 4.8/5 stars, 17 reviews
  • Whipped Squalane Face and Eye Cream: 4.9/5 stars, 370 reviews
  • Ayurvedic Herb Shampoo Bar: 4.7/5 stars, 332 reviews

We decided to take a closer look at the Whipped Squalane Face and Eye Cream because we wanted to see how effective this natural line truly is. Judging from the review, it looks to be very effective, but let’s see what customers had to say. One Chagrin Valley review stated:

 “I have tried many face creams over the years, but there is just something about this one that keeps me coming back. I especially love this during the cold winter months, and all year now as my skin is aging with the rest of me. Feels great around my eyes too! It really soaks in overnight, and my skin is so soft in the morning!

The majority of other comments we came across said things along the same lines, that the cream does a really great job at hydrating and makes skin feel super soft. With that, we felt content enough to leave the brand’s website in search of other opinions.

The Chagrin Valley review page on Makeup Alley shows an overall rating of 4.6/5 stars from 68 shoppers. The reviews are varied in terms of the products each user has tried, but we found one about the Butter Conditioner Bar that compares it to other natural products on the market. It read:

It lathers well. It provides a silky, creamy type lather, not a stripping one. It is very moisturizing and did leave my hair the most moisturized out of any bar I have ever tried. My hair was easy to detangle and was left very manageable, and very shiny as well.

From this Chagrin Valley review, we learn about the difference quality makes, but also, the impact the right combination of ingredients can have. Natural shampoos and conditioners can fall flat in terms of suds and results, so it’s really nice to read that this brand’s bar exceeds in those areas. 

For our next patch of feedback, we checked out a Chagrin Valley review page on Yelp for its Ohio store. The site displayed an average rating of 4.5/5 stars from 55 customers, with comments expressing appreciation for the supremely pure nature of its products. 

One comment read, “Hands down my favorite body care product line! The products are organic and natural- no ingredients that you can’t pronounce. I also appreciate that they have vegan products. The line of products that has been the most beneficial to me is the Salve line.

We appreciate the wholesome nature of its collection and apparently so do many others. Yelp reviews are highly positive for the store overall, with a lot of lengthy reviews with stories about how effective its products are.

In the end, we’ve come to realize that Chagrin Valley Soaps and Salves is a truly natural brand. Not one pretending to be that’s hiding behind deceptive phrases. And that’s what customers seem to like most about it, the way that they can rely on this company to deliver products that are good for them that actually work.

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Is Chagrin Valley Worth It?

Chagrin Valley Review

If you’re looking for a hands-on, all-natural company, Chagrin Valley is it. Wholesome and down to earth, it’s a small business that fought its way to the top with honesty and integrity. Their story is inspiring, coming only second to the ingredients they use. 

As soap-obsessed people, we can’t get enough of a great smelling, natural bar. There’s a real difference between that and harsh big-name brands like Dial or Dove (even though the latter claims to be easy on skin). 

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Like many of those who have tried Chagrin Valley, we know the power of a truly clean bar of soap or cream and appreciate brands like this one who put in the time and care to make honest products. 

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Chagrin Valley Promotions & Discounts 

Chagrin Valley Review

While scoping out the brand during this Chagrin Valley review, we saw that the brand has a Rewards Program for its faithful customers. The program lets you earn points, redeem discounts, and receive special perks. For each $1 you spend, you’ll get 5 points

Once a member, the brand will send you email updates about exclusive perks like a Chagrin Valley coupon, discount, or early product release.


Where to Buy Chagrin Valley

Chagrin Valley Review

Chagrin Valley Soap and Salve has grown exponentially since its start in 2001. With a bounteous selection of personal care and pet products, you can find them all online through their site

Love browsing in-store? If you’re in the Cleveland, OH area, pop into their store on Euclid Avenue. You can also find the brand at Whole Foods and on Amazon.

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Chagrin Valley Review

Who owns Chagrin Valley?

Ida Friedman-Kasdan and her family own Chagrin Valley. She and her husband Howard created the brand out of their home kitchen, using a baking mixer, locally-sourced ingredients, and a small, handmade wooden soap mold. 

Is Chagrin Valley vegan?

Not all of them. For the ones that are, you’ll find the “V” stamp on their product pages and are ones that don’t include animal-derived ingredients like beeswax, honey, eggs, yogurt, and buttermilk.

Is Chagrin Valley cruelty-free?

Animal testing will soon be a thing of the past, and we’re so happy to report that Chargin Valley products are all cruelty-free. They even have the leaping bunny seal of approval. 

This mark means that the brand’s ingredients are not tested on animals, its finished products are not tested on animals, and it does not sell to markets that require such testing. 

Does Chagrin Valley ship internationally?

It sure does. Chagrin Valley takes about 2-4 days to process international orders before sending them out of the warehouse. Packages typically arrive 8-21 business days after you place your order online. 

Once your order ships, you’ll receive a confirmation email with a tracking link you can use to keep an eye on your parcel. Shipping fees will vary depending on your location. You’ll see a full list of your options and costs at checkout. You will have to pay for any duties and taxes charged. 

What is Chagrin Valley’s Shipping Policy?

For US customers, Chagrin Valley uses USPS as its carrier, making sure to use the bare minimum when it comes to packaging. The brand has a few different shipping details that we thought were important to bring to light:

  1. If under 1 lb, you can have your package shipped via First Class Mail with arrival about 2-3 days longer than if you choose Priority — it will be less expensive though.
  2. During warmer months, First Class Mail isn’t available due to the possibility of items melting during transit.
  3. Orders shipped Priority take 2-3 business days to arrive.
  4. Orders sent with First Class take 4-5 business days to arrive.

Priority shipping costs about $8, while First Class varies by location. Also, keep in mind that depending on how far you live from Ohio (where the brand is based), shipping times will vary.

What is Chagrin Valley’s Return Policy?

Soap is all about hygiene, and for that reason, once it’s shipped out from the brand’s warehouse it cannot be returned. Not sure you want to invest in a full size? Most of its items can be bought in sample sizes instead. 

If you’re really not happy with what you received, or if there is an issue with your order, just reach out to Chagrin Valley and they will try to make it right. 

How to Contact Chagrin Valley

Heavy any questions not answered in this Chagrin Valley review? You can get in touch with the brand in a couple ways:

  • Phone: (440) 248-7627
  • Contact form on the site 

Chagrin Valley is available Monday to Thursday, from 9:30 am to 4:30 pm, and Friday from 9:30 am to 3 pm EST.

Looking for more options when it comes to soap? Then check out these trusted brands below:


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